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Real Name: John C. Swecker

Birthdate: Sept 11

Height: 6'0

Weight: 195lbs

Job Within N.E.W. : FIGHTER

Email Address:

Previous Injuries: Broken Neck, 8 broken ribs, ruptured 4 disks in spine, broken left wrist, broken all fingers, shattered left foot, torn ACL both knees, dislocated left elbow, shattered right elbow,crack facial support, Hyper extended spinal cord, torn eyelid, cracked jaw, dislocated shoulder. over 125 collective stitches

Debuted At: Trick BOX I

History: Coming onto the scene with the group evil intentions featuring mike yeah and the boss, shortly after leaving group to seek glory as the longest reigning dominator champion. at one point forming the cold blooded killers alliance featuring, manager Vincent deville, vengeance, creepshow, and at one point Jeremy special. This group at one point held every NEW championship under the leadership of morbid. Morbid held the dominator championship for a running 38 matches until stripped of his title after a untimely collegian wrestling accident. HOWever he seek the belt and his gold once again at all cost.

Origin Of Alias: unknown

Other: Morbid is one of the most legandary and well known fighters on Next Era Wrestling's active roster.

Abashed the devil stood a he befell a greater demon.
"F***ING hit me already"
Ever dance with the devil under pale moon light?
" you will not defeat me"