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Vincent DeVille


Real Name: Vincent DeVille
Birthdate: October 18, 1983
Height: 5'11 

Weight: 150 lbs.
Job Within N.E.W. : Manager and Referee
Email Address:
Previous Injuries: 3 broken ribs
Debuted At: Redemption 2003
History: Former Leader of CBK(Cold Blooded Killers), led Morbid, Creep Show, and Mystic all to title reigns, special referee at Trick Box 2003 for Predator's upset win over Chris Helms.    
Origin Of Alias: Vincent came from horror film star Vincent Price and DeVille came from Poison Guitarist CeCe DeVille. Thus, I threw the names Vincent and DeVille together.
Other: Vincent DeVille takes pride in his British heritage, and is one of the most sadistic and dangerous individuals who has ever lived. Still resides at DeVille Manor, and has tight security surrounding the property.
DeVille is the only offical referre on the N.E.W. circut at this time.
Quotes: "Case Closed You Bloody Snot!", "Don't Disrespect me you wanker!"