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About Me


*The Judge*

Real Name: Mike Spencer

Birthdate: November 9, 1989

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 155 lbs

Job Within N.E.W. : Commissioner

Email Address:

(Now that, Alanis, is irony.)

Previous Injuries: Bad Knee

Debuted At: Wild Wings Bar

History: When Judge started out, he was just some guy you'd see around and nodd too occasionaly. Then one day he met an infamous man named Morbid. Morbid took an instant liking to Judge, seeing a bit of himself in him. One thing they share in common- you don’t want to mess with either of them! Previously, Judge had no contact with N.E.W. talent, and didn’t really know what it was. One night at Wild Wings Morbid began telling him about it and he showed both great interest and great promise. Morbid was intensely pleased with Judge’s eagerness and decided to give him a test run. Judge, in his first introduction to N.E.W., bust Morbid’s lip. He officially became an athlete about five minutes later. During NX3’s brief absence in November, he worked tirelessly along side fellow newbie Shadow to run N.E.W. He wasn’t pleased with NX3's sudden return either, but their previous friendship made him more accepting than the unforgiving Shadow. Once NX3 was reinstated as Co-Owner, along with The Original Sinner, Curtis Rabon, Judge took on a smaller role but is still on the scene.

Origin Of Alias: He thought it sounded kickass, and indeed      it does.

Other: Judge is no longer an active wrestler. Due to an unfortunate accident, he injured his knee, and during recuperation time he was offered C.J. Rabon’s old job as Commissioner. He decided to accept, and basically ceased wrestling for management. He still wrestles every once in a while, but it’s a fairly rare occurrence. Don’t think you’ve seen the last of him in the ring though!

Judge is also the youngest current member affiliated with Next Era Wrestling Promotions.


"Tip the scales and weigh the odds... judgement is final."

"The Verdict Is In."

Judgement Is Final

The End